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Own use, 2009 – 2013

Vegetable patches have recently made a comeback, not least because of the recurrent scandals rocking the food industry. Nevertheless, self-sufficiency enthusiasts remain a negligible minority. For his photo series »Eigenbedarf« (»Own Use«, 2009—2013), Heinrich Holtgreve set off in search of a particular form of private husbandry. Hashish cultivation in linen closets, home-made shacks and sheds testifies to the also growing prevalence of this illegal type of home farming.

Under current legislation, the possession of up to 10 grams of hashish or marijuana is allowed. Yet shafts of fluorescent light can be seen radiating mysteriously from secluded corners of all sorts of homes. Whereas the plants and the equipment used to grow them are mostly hidden away, the viewer can still conclude something about the personalities of the various »home growers« from the many details of their belongings.

In complete contrast to widespread images in the media of idyllic allotments, often evoking a romanticized form of subsistence farming in Germany, these documents of everyday life provide a rather sobering view of the surroundings of these contemporary »small farmers«.

Text: Friederike Fast, Museum Marta Herford – publicized in the catalogue of the exhibition OWL3 – Usable Areas.

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